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On March 7, 2022, Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III issued a memo directing the defueling and permanent closure of the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility (RHBFSF).

To execute the mission of defueling, Secretary of Defense Austin established Joint Task Force - Red Hill (JTF-RH). Once JTF-RH has completed its mission of defueling, leadership will transition to the Navy Closure Task Force - Red Hill (NCTF-RH) to execute the closure phase of operations.

The transition from the JTF to the NCTF will be complete with a formal announcement that conditions have been met to certify the NCTF as achieving Full Operational Capability (FOC) and JTF-RH officially transfers their authority and eventually stand-downs.
The mission of the Navy Closure Task Force - Red Hill (NCTF-RH) will be to safely and expeditiously execute the permanent decommissioning of the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility (RHBFSF), continue long-term environmental remediation and aquifer restoration efforts in coordination with State and Federal stakeholders in order to protect public health and the environment.

Once fully operational, NCTF-RH will have nearly 200 personnel, including active duty and reserve service members, Navy civilians, and contractors with backgrounds in engineering, science, logistics, environmental remediation, legal, community engagement, and administration. 

Navy Closure Task Force - Red Hill (NCTF-RH) Logo

The NCTF-RH logo symbolizes our commitment to approach this project with great respect for the land, water, and people of Hawaii. The blue skies represent the beauty of the islands, and the clouds represent the natural cycle that renews the land and people with fresh water. The rainbow not only represents hope and optimism for the future, but connects the land and sky, reminding us we are all united. The mountains bring fresh water from the highest elevations to sea level and eventually into the aquifer. Because clean water is at the heart of all NCTF-RH efforts, a drop of water exists alongside the Navy anchor. The two shaking hands inside the water droplet represent the Navy's commitment to working with the community towards the same goal: safe, clean drinking water for all generations to come. The blue section surrounding the artwork provides the name of the organization, and the two white stars represent the commander




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