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Navy Closure Task Force - Red Hill Launches Mobile App

by Navy Closure Task Force - Red Hill Public Affairs
03 April 2024
Navy Closure Task Force - Red Hill (NCTF-RH) announced the availability of a free mobile application to track the progress of Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility decommissioning efforts. The NCTF-Red Hill app will provide the latest developments on tank cleaning, the decommissioning plan, environmental remediation, regulatory approvals, and operational planning for all major milestones.
“Taking over the Joint Task Force-Red Hill app and rebranding with Navy Closure Task Force provides an additional outreach opportunity to keep the public informed about the decommissioning progress,” said Rear Adm. Steve Barnett, NCTF-RH commander. “This app is another communication method we are using to share important information and to reach a larger audience across numerous digital platforms.”
The app is now available for download on the iOS app store and the Google Play store for Android users. Users can search for “NCTF-Red Hill.” NCTF-RH encourages users to enable ‘push notifications’ to receive regular updates.
For more information about NCTF-RH, visit or download the App by searching for “NCTF–Red Hill” in the Apple App store or Google Play store. For imagery, video and other digital media please visit our DVIDS site here: