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Navy to Start Venting Red Hill Facility Tank 7, Air Quality Monitoring Continues

by Navy Closure Task Force-Red Hill Public Affairs
05 June 2024

This week, Navy Closure Task Force-Red Hill (NCTF-RH) continues to safely conduct tank ventilation and air quality monitoring operations at the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility (RHBFSF).   

With approval from the Hawaii Department of Health (DOH), NCTF-RH will start venting Tank 7 at the facility - the second of 14 tanks to be ventilated and cleaned as part of the decommissioning process. The Navy began venting Tank 8 last week.  

Tank ventilation is the necessary first step of a lengthy and deliberate process to decommission the facility and remediate the environment. This action is one example of the Navy’s broader commitment to environmental stewardship in Hawaii.  

“Safety for the public, the aquifer and environment, and for our workers is our top priority,” said Rear Adm. Marc Williams, Deputy Commander, NCTF-RH. “I’m happy to report that after meticulous preparations our tank venting operations are occurring safely and in full view of the public. This is in keeping with our motto: Safe. Deliberate. Engaged. Committed.”  

As part of venting operations, the task force installed nine air quality monitoring (AQM) stations along the RHBFSF perimeter, including at the Halawa Correctional Facility, to track changes in air quality, measure potential volatile organic compound (VOC) levels, and collect atmospheric data (i.e., air speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure).  

During venting operations, AQM data will continue to be updated hourly on the NCTF-RH mobile app, and daily on the NCTF-RH website. 

NCTF-RH has a series of fail-safes and redundancies to mitigate risk and safeguard the public. In the event of an exceedance during operations, NCTF-RH will alert regulators, Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HIEMA), Honolulu Department of Emergency Management (DEM), and the public via the app, website (, and a press release to the media. For questions or concerns, contact the Navy Call Center at 808-210-6968.   

For more information about NCTF-RH, visit or download our free mobile app by searching for “NCTF-Red Hill” in the Apple App store or Google Play store.